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Rectangles & Squares

On this page the Architect from Garner Wharf recommends using rectangles and squares to arrange the area in untypical way by arranging basic geometrical shapes in places where they are most needed.

The main goal of our architect is to persuade clients and designers to use these type of solutions especially in large areas. This method lets you freely design custom furniture where typical, standard furniture would not fit.

Select from a range of coloured rectangles or squares, enter the area you wish to design, pay using PayPal and have your readymade furniture delivered by our courier.

Select a layout, provide us with the area where you plan to fit the furniture, select the elements available in Garner Warf, pay with PayPal and receive the fully assembled furniture delivered by our courier.

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Thicknesses available for MDF elements

Free standing on the floor
110mm – Can be used for seating or tables

Hanging and installed on the wall
(Place the elements above the floor level during the design process and the manufacturer will fit special mounts which are used to hang on the wall)

Available depths of MDF panels


Additional depths for tables and seating – Thickness MDF 110mm

Garner Wharf recommends mdf 110mm

Tables: height 480mm, depth 780mm and 550mm
Seating: height 400m, width 400mm, depth 780mm and 550mm

Garner Wharf Architect recommends

Select furniture from a premade layout which you can edit

Change the colour, remove unwanted elements or swap them for others elements

Click on a picture to open the configurator for that layout. Edit as needed

Click on a picture to open the configurator for that layout. Edit as needed

Click on a picture to open the configurator for that layout. Edit as needed

Colours available for rectangles and squares

You are the only person who knows what you really desire

Elements created using MDF panels


Interior and exterior colours are identical

Mechanically joined elements at 45 degrees


24 hour tracking of your delivery

Estimated time of delivery is 4 weeks

Direct contact with the courier a few days before delivery