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 Privacy Policy

This policy regarding “cookies” concerns all websites and applications for mobile devices owned and administered by Garner Wharf. The privacy and safety of the website user’s data, owned and administered by Garner Wharf is a top priority.
The Garner Wharf website uses “cookies” to store selected information about the users and their preferences. However, “cookies” are not used to process or store the user’s personal data.

What are “cookies”
- “Cookies” are small script files which are sent to and stored on the user’s computer, smart- phone or other device which connects with the Internet.
- “Cookies” can be accessed through the Internet browser during the first visit to the site.
- “Cookies” do not cause any alterations in the configuration in the user’s device, these files help to adjust the website to the user’s expectations, assist in surfing the sites and ensure the effectiveness of the safety procedures.
- “Cookies” enable the evaluation of the users’ preferences and assist in improving
the website.

The user who does not wish to use “cookies” as described above, has the possibility of presetting the options of the programme installed in the device i.e. to use the Internet browser or application in a manner preventing the storage of the mentioned files in the computer memory. These files can also be removed manually at any time. For instruction details please visit the website of your Internet browser producer.